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About Queen Spade Creative


Queen Spade Creative is a storytelling production & consulting company that produces its own original productions while consulting on both story development (TV, Web Series, etc.) and transmedia strategies for client projects. Queen Spade develops, nurtures and delivers audience to platforms by use of strategic storytelling and content. Current projects include the  TV series The Karada, a supernatural thriller in development with Tom Liljeholm (Conspiracy for Good, Truth about Marika) and Jim Martin (Heroes, Randy Cunningham 9th Grade ninja); and Shade (a multiplatform cyberpunk game in development).

Queen Spade is the project management lead on All Your Fates – a prequel transmediated novel to the upcoming The Karada TV series. In addition, Queen Spade has also began production on Echo: Explosion a graphic novel series as part of The Karada storyverse with artist Hugo Arias. Past projects have included Work with No Pants, an Alternate Reality Game, and Del’s Diary (for the Veil Nanoscience ARG produced by Immersive Fiction – a project Queen Spade also consulted on).

The Karada


Every choice we make has a consequence. Even the ones made in other realities.

After the death of her beloved Gran (the last warden of this reality), Emma begins to experience terrifying lapses as she unconsciously crosses the threshold into other realities – realities in which she has made very different choices. Even dangerous ones. Meanwhile across the world, a hard-living hipster has found a way to jump from one reality to another, randomly intersecting and falling in love with Emma. With both a dark figure and a supernatural being wrestling in an attempt to control them, Emma and David attempt to collapse the bubbles of the multiverse into one in an attempt to hold their reality together.

Here is a teaser for The Karada, a transmedia production created with Tom Liljeholm, Jakob Berglund, and James Martin.

Visit for more info.

All Your Fates

All Your Fates


After being rebuffed by the girl of his dreams, David Blunt seeks second, third and fourth chances with her various alter egos that he’s found through a rift in the walls of the multiverse.

The Karada team is pleased to announce the launch of a prequel novel to the TV Drama: All Your Fates, released Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Recognizing that Wattpad is to text what Youtube is to video, the creators of All Your Fates plan to push the envelope by running the serialized novel like a TV series: with a cabal of guest writers, special scenes scored with music, key actors cast, and chapters set in real life locations for cross-promotional partnerships.

The fictional story will also have plenty of Easter Eggs for hard-core fans who want a richer more immersive experience to hunt down. If a website is mentioned in the story, the website will actually live online for some fun fictional bonus content.

The novel is a supernatural thriller/romance with a suggested rating of PG 13. The first chapter is set to be released on Wattpad on September 26. Two chapters a week will be released until project end. To read more visit: The Wattpad Insider or visit The

The Karada is a co-production between Queen Spade Creative, Tom Liljeholm, and Jim Martin.

Echo Explosion

Echo Explosion


A  guerrilla fighter has second thoughts on killing a dangerous enemy when her body is possessed by her alterego from another reality.

The Karada team is pleased to announce production has begun on the first in a series of graphic novels based within The Karada storyverse: Echo: Explosion written by Carrie Cutforth-Young and Illustrated by Hugo Arias.

In Echo: Explosion, the first of a 5 part graphic novel series is a sideways story to All Your Fates.

[DEL]’S Diary

[DEL]’S Diary


A young hospital patient must wrestle control over her psyche when her mind becomes the jail cell that houses the tragic memories of several long dead apparitions all attached to the MKULTRA project.

[DEL]’s Diary (aka Cassandra’s Journal): was a stand-alone novella written as part of the Veil Nanoscience Alternate Reality Game produced by Immersive Fiction that ran in 2011.  Check out the game’s wiki for background details.

An original story written by Carrie Cutforth-Young based on an idea by Immersive Fiction.

A new commemorative edition will be launching soon on Wattpad.

Work With No Pants

Work With No Pants


A befuddled loser starts a corporation where employees like himself will be accepted with arms wide open: both those who wear and do not wear pants.

Work with No Pants was a grassroots Alternate Reality Game that played from June to September of 2012. According to ARGNet, Work with No Pants “embraced the absurdist aesthetic to great effect.”

For a project walk through, please visit the guide created and posted on Wonder Weasels.

The 2015 “Coming Soon” Trailer Fest

The 2015 “Coming Soon” Trailer Fest

Let these teasers tease you!

The 2015 “Coming Soon” Trailer Festival is a night celebrating the fantastic community of web series and film creators. Must be over 19 years old to attend the screening that will take place at the Fox & Fiddle, Wednesday March 25rd (280 Bloor St, Toronto.).

The screening night includes industry networking and discussion of moving forward with productions, bootstrap methods, DIY, and alternate financing models. Let’s discuss how to enable as many of these projects into fruition as possible.

Come out and support these great upcoming series & films:

Caledonia and Professor Elemental’s ‘The Attic’ (Cult Classic)

The Prey (Movens Pictura)

Mutha (Artst Fartsy Productions Inc.)

Low Spirits (Sixteen FIlms Limited)

Ben’s At Home Webseries Trailer (Ben’s at Home – The Webseries)

Hans Hands (Hans Hands)

Adulthood & Other Lies (OutLitt Studios)

Rod the Stormtrooper: Episode V Teaser Trailer (PUUR Media)

Resurrectionist (Farmer Vision Media)

Do Over (Do A Do Over)

Sugar Sisters (Katie Nolan/Lindsay Tapscott/MUSE Entertainment)

Ghost BFF (Vanessa Matsui/Katie Nolan/New Metric Media)

The Standoff (Unstoppable Urges Productions)

Witch Like Me (Bee Charmer Productions/Regan
Latimer/Rochelle Dancel)

Geektropolis (*no campfire required)

Unfiltered (Unfiltered Productions)

Presence (Geoff Norris and Kyle Lennan)

So You Think You’re A Vampire (Flyin’ Monkey Films)

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