Where I Correct the Rumours Regarding Transmedia Money in Canada (Including the Rumours I Started)

For a great nuanced rebuttal to this post, please read Jill Golick’s post Canada: Transmedia Heaven?

I decided to write this post about Canadian Funding for transmedia professionals because, as Ian Ginn pointed out to me, I am being equally unfair by glibly ranting there is no money in Canada as those who glibly comment that the streets of Canada are paved with transmedia gold.

Yes, there is money in Canada for transmedia, for new media, for filmmakers, for artists etc. It is a country rich in opportunity for those who understand how the system works and have the business and street smarts to navigate the layers of bureaucracies well. Those industry professionals who understand the system and who have a sophisticated understanding of transmedia production or ancillary industries will best be poised to potentially have access to those funds. Especially so, if that professional promises to create jobs in Canada. Frankly, American film and TV production companies do really well working with the maquila film communities Canada has established. If you have a money-making production company, you may want to skip to the end for links to the resources you want (or better yet, pay someone on your team to do it for you). But please read the rest of what I have to say.

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